Heaven’s Word Teachings

Our vision from Jesus at The Prayer Foundation is “Helping People Grow”. To enlarge your boundaries, we are sending these short teaching emails regularly, entitled “HEAVEN’S WORD”. Each email is designed to help you expand, as you allow God to equip and empower you to trust Him more. Open your heart and mind to be transformed as you study and meditate on the scripture references, and stay blessed as you learn more about fulfilling your CHOSEN destiny.

12:38 pm

Sense of Triumph

28 March 2020
In my devotions this morning I read Hebrews. I always read the Amplified Bible, and I came to Hebrews 3:6 which reads, “But Christ the Mes […]

5:18 pm

Making Spiritual Progress

21 March 2020
God helps us make spiritual progress, as we allow His Holy Spirit to use our trials and life’s circumstances to mould us into GOD’S im […]

5:17 pm

The Greater Virus

14 March 2020
I have now heard some churches are closing until Easter due to the corona-virus. I cannot in good conscience do this as to me it’s like ali […]

5:17 pm

Developing Faith

7 March 2020
God changes us from within, if we are willing to receive from Him! Recently my mind was getting filled with fear and doubt that we would ever find […]