Program 1: Destiny


The purpose of this series is to raise the awareness of every day people who may not know much about praying and seeking God, as well as giving information from leaders and ministries, with both local and global perspectives.

Julie Anderson

About Above It All

AIA (Above it All) is a magazine style series of programs designed to teach the effectiveness and importance of prayer. It shows viewers how to be involved in effective prayer, and helps them grow wherever they are, facing the circumstances of their own lives. The testimonies from others are important of how, through prayer, you can overcome difficult circumstances and live on higher ground.

By praying people, we mean, people bringing the future into the now through heartfelt prayer. People who are giving themselves permission to dream, and are learning how to talk to God in prayer, that brings results.

The series brings a prophetic edge to what is happening around the world, and as it develops we hope to bring you more help through our website presence, with a) results of answered prayer through interviews and testimonies b) training manuals & resources through the new Spearhead Products available in our online resource shop with downloaded printable notes, and mp3’s. c) offer downloadable scriptures prayers for you to pray for yourself and your family which are relevant to the program and to your needs.


This Weeks Offers:



The Love Walk

by Rod Anderson
8hrs of teaching on MP3 w/ Study Notes

The hallmark of Christian discipleship is agape love. This course outlines God’s love at work in us and through us.


Above It All – The Book

When your eyes are opened with revelation from heaven, you pray with a tangible faith and your future changes.

This prayer book birthed this first series of programs and gives foundational principles to help you develop a prayer life that rises above your circumstances as you discover your destiny and where, when, and how to pray.


Scripture Prayers

Praying people, speaking God’s Word, carry influence. They truly become world changers. Praying God’s Word means you are speaking in His Presence and sight (2 Corinthians 2:17 Amplified) A scripture prayer builds you up into your heavenly inheritance (Acts 20:32 Amplified) and brings peace of mind, that engages your heart with focused faith.


Other Resources You Might Light:


Prayer Life

by Julie Anderson
Over 3hrs of teaching on MP3

Julie teaches on prayer and living a life of faith that’s put into action. These four lessons will inspire, motivate and encourage your prayer life.


Authority Of The Believer

by Rod Anderson
Over 5hrs of teaching on MP3

This 5 part series covers one of the most satanically fought truths of scripture; the level of authority that we as God’s children really have. Authority begins with the acceptance of responsibility. These teachings will unlock many questions believers have.



Strength To Strength

by Julie Anderson
Nearly 3hrs of teaching on MP3

This 4 part series will inspire your spiritual life, and challenge the condition of your heart, your attitudes, the words of your mouth, and thoughts.


Close Fellowship

by Rod Anderson
Over 5hrs of teaching on MP3

Extreme intimacy is what the Holy Spirit wants to have with us.  Let’s learn how to cooperate with Him, and watch what He will do for us, in us, and through us.


Praying Strategically

by Julie Anderson
10hrs of teaching on MP3

Within this teaching you can learn what praying strategically means, understanding God’s appointed times and Kingdom tasks for you and the nations.