The Greater Virus


14 March 2020

I have now heard some churches are closing until Easter due to the corona-virus. I cannot in good conscience do this as to me it’s like aligning with the enemy. By far the greater virus is fear. One thing we should all know for sure by now is that faith comes by hearing, and fear comes by hearing as well. They both “attract.” As the world is being inundated by statistics of the corona-virus through all forms of media our enemy is being filled with joy as one of his greatest tactics is flowing almost totally unhindered. Satan rejoices when we allow his strategies to speak louder to us than our Father’s promises.

Of course, it’s fine to take precautions, but it’s not okay to be so over occupied with the topic that you find your mind and thoughts consistently being more aware of the virus than you are of the promise. My bible still says He has given us authority over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). Of course, Psalm 91 promises if our love is set upon Him that no plague shall come nigh our dwelling. But my favourite remains Exodus 12 where He tells us that “when I see the blood, I will not allow the destroyer to come into your house.”

Do you see the work of the blood, or do you see the print on newspapers as a larger font size allowing it to be bigger? Are we letting the voice of the newscaster to speak louder to us than the voice of our Father? Simple question, with a profound outcome.

Remember your basic training. Fear attracts attack. This is validated even in the science of psychology. You attract what you meditate upon. You can actually “become” what you “believe.” Right now, you are “becoming” what you constantly give your thought life to. My suggestion to us in the family of God is that we do some personal inspection of what we’re allowing to flow through our minds, and strongly consider staying with what our Loving Creator & Father has spoken and promised, more than what is constantly being offered up by the newscasters with their statistics and “prophecies.”

Remember Satan works through intimidation which causes us to do what the enemy wants through fear. However, intimidation only works until it encounters someone who is intimate with God. A speaker named Stella Payton said, “Intimacy imparts true identity. When you know who you are, you’re no longer affected by intimidation. Remember, David had no fear of Goliath because of his intimacy with God. His fearlessness cancelled the power of intimidation. Remember also, intimacy inspires us to do what the Father desires through love.” I choose His love.


In His love