Which Side of Calvary (CD)


by Rod Anderson
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What’s Inside:
8 CDs + Course Study Notes

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The entire revelation of Jesus Christ coming to earth is tied up in the one word, GRACE. Throughout Church history the message of Grace has been abused and misinterpreted and is therefore always risky. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who pastored Westminster Chapel from 1938-1968 was a staunch Calvinist with a Puritan background, and yet he said in his comments on Romans 6:1, “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?…” A very proof of whether or not the pure gospel of Jesus Christ is being taught is that wherever it is communicated correctly, there will also be with it the opportunity for misunderstanding that it’s “okay to keep sinning” when under grace. It comes with the territory, but of course is not what Paul spoke to.

This course is an introduction to the amazing grace of God that came to us in Christ Jesus, and details the importance of New Covenant revelation that is key to living a strong Christian life today. The unsearchable and immeasurable love of God for man is revealed in this course and represents what God has done for us as believers vertically (from heaven to man). What God has done for us in Christ is utterly amazing.