War Horses (MP3)


by Julie Anderson
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In this teaching CD, Julie shares the message that God gave her about being trained as a Christian and it’s likeness to horses being trained for war. The disciplines of Prayer, Worship and Intercession are addressed as she encourages you to take up your rightful position in the body of Christ. Originally recorded in the 1990’s, this CD has been re-released as a classic.




This is what one of our close friends has to say about this teaching:

“Can You imagine flying over a war and you know you can never look down? You have to look forward, or you’ll never get home… What could be braver than that?”

In the successful movie directed by Stephen Spielberg – “War Horse” – the story unfolds …….. Joey the beautiful thoroughbred was bought by the father who sold and risked everything he had because he knew he had found the finest, priceless, real gem of a horse. As Joey entered in the home of the father learning to trust, obey and recognize the voice of his master, he was unaware that the family who had adopted him was experiencing trials of debt, health and relationship issues. Does this sound familiar?

Overnight this horse had to perform heavy duty tasks that he wasn’t intended for. Joey’s master trained and equipped him to plough fields that Suffolk Punches would normally work. A transformation took place. Having grown in muscle, strength and stamina he went from a show horse to one of powerful authority in the field. And so to the amazement of the mocking neighbors Joey and his young owner succeeded.

“Not a drop of ordinary sense, but that thick stubbornness that will lead him to believe in the impossible.”

But disaster strikes again as the elements destroy the crops at harvest time. With no money and losing their home and all their possessions, the father has no alternative but to sell the horse, his prize possession, to the Army.

Joey remained submitted to the teaching and equipping of his original master in times of comfort and pain as he embarked on a journey of battles and heartache of war. “ He never gave up.” Each time it looked like this amazing horse wouldn’t survive another day, he was blessed by kindness and means of escape. All this time he was mightily used in saving a nation from the possession of the enemy. He never lost sight of his goal and focus to seek and be reunited with his master. Joey never forgot the promise of his master……. “Wherever you are, I will find you and I will bring you home.”

Listen as Julie Anderson shares the message that God gave her about being trained as a Christian and it’s likeness to how horses are trained for war. Originally recorded in the 1990’s this timeless teaching CD has been re-released as one of Julie’s classic messages.  As you hear this wonderful teaching you may adjust how you’ve seen yourself – as a Pleasure Horse, Work horse, Race horse  or even a Show Horse just as Joey started out?

It should not be necessary for you to run through barbed wire to be re-united with your master in victory. However this powerful teaching on prayer and intercession will equip you with wisdom and understanding of strategic training for endurance as the Lord equips you ahead of time with victory to face your battles.

As you make a personal investment to listen to this teaching on War Horse, we pray you will capture the heart of this powerful message and it will reveal Your hidden gem of the War Horse in YOU?


Download WAR HORSE NOW! You too will never look back.

“If you have run with the footmen and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses? Jeremiah 12:5