Lifestyle of Prayer (MP3)


by Rod Anderson
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What’s Inside:
8 MP3s + Course Study Notes

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The Bible teaches different kinds of prayer, each with different attributes. However, above all else prayer is communing with our Maker, learning to know Him intimately, discerning His voice, awaking to His willingness to hear us. It is through prayer becoming a lifestyle, rather than a “necessary duty,” that the presence of God is understood and cultivated.

Often in the Body of Christ, decisions are made in the committee room, and then prayed over. The scriptural pattern is that decisions are made in the prayer room, and then committed to. Students will discover for themselves how not to allow prayer to become an attachment to their days, but rather the launching place of their days. These teachings will help bring great release in achieving intimacy with the Father first and foremost, and build faith that God is indeed in the business of answering the cries of His children. Topics included are “Jesus at Prayer,” “The Name of Jesus in Prayer,” “Prayer of Agreement,” “Prayer of Consecration and Dedication,” “Prayer of Faith” and much more.