The Love Walk (CD)


by Rod Anderson
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What’s Inside:
8 CDs + Course Study Notes

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The hallmark of Christian discipleship is agape love. This course outlines God’s love at work in us and through us, its promises and commands, and the fruit to be expected in the believer as they build their lives on the correct foundation of love. The crux of all the epistles deals with how believers are to relate to each other, therefore God’s desire for our understanding of this is critical. Relationship issues are what every individual works with every day of their lives, whether at home within the family or at work with fellow employees or within the church itself. Without the love of God as our starting point, all other teachings will have a wrong perspective, as Love (God Himself) wrote the scriptures An in-depth study of human relationships and priorities, as taught through the epistles. This course instructs us of God’s love and grace through us horizontally (to one another).

God’s Word says that “no man hath at any time seen God, but if we would love one another, God would dwell in us” (1 John 4:12). The implication is that the only way man (whom we’re trying to reach) is going to see God, is when they see Him in us. They’ve seen very little, as we’ve laid other foundations than the one we’re instructed to lay as shown in Ephesians 3. This course helps the believer to put first things first, and to create the foundation in their life that will allow successful building for the future.