The Blood Covenant (CD)


by Rod Anderson
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What’s Inside:
8 CDs + Course Study Notes

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The Bible is not so much a book of dispensations, as it is a book of covenants. Revelation of blood covenant changes our entire view of God, ourselves and our purpose in this world. In Ephesians, Paul said that to be a “stranger” to the covenant that we have with God, was to be as good as “without God in this world.”

This is possibly one of the most vital messages to comprehend in scripture, as the “language” God speaks is covenant language. Without an understanding of covenant terminology much is lost in translation. However with covenant understanding the scriptures are unlocked to us and reveal true depth of comprehension of God’s devotion to His people.

Jesus gave to us in the great commission, what in today’s terminology is known as “power of attorney” to act in His behalf. The revelation of the Name of Jesus on our lips is crucial to this understanding. This course also endeavours to map out how far our authority does go, and where it does not go.