Ignite (CD)


Teachings by Dutch Sheets
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This prophetic teaching will give you an understanding of the new era being ushered in where God is raising up His Church in new levels of Signs, Wonders and the Spoken Word. 

As we pass through the finishing window of opportunity, Dutch imparts a greater understanding of why we need to change our thinking and expand our minds.  Do you desire to have God’s Dreams and Plans for your life revealed? Then Dutch says be prepared for an outpouring of fresh mantels and anointings.  The Jeremiah 33:3 Resolution is beginning. Dutch explains through his revolutionary message ‘The Ecclesia’ with established scriptural evidence that Christians are the intended governing body of the earth, in their locale. He explains extensively how prayer and operating in the spiritual realm will be a governing influence in society.  Dutch incorporates the importance of the Cities of Refuge in the book of Joshua their relevance and how they appear in our lives today.