The Holy Spirit and His Gifts (CD)


by Rod Anderson
Product Code: CD-G310

What’s Inside:
8 CDs + Course Study Notes

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To be a friend of God is to be a friend with the Holy Spirit. We’re admonished to “commune” with the Holy Spirit; to learn how to fellowship with Him and realize His promptings and leadings. His desire is to consistently guide us, strengthen and comfort us and this comes from knowing His voice.

This course offers insight into the person of the Holy Spirit, His character and personality, and the results of His indwelling presence in our lives. An overview of the gifts of the Spirit, their workings and demonstrations, including the gifts in the lives of old testament prophets. A look at how the Holy Spirit works through different men and women of God today. Also discussed will be the need for understanding that the Holy Spirit gives diverse anointings to individuals that need to be yielded to. Ministerial callings and giftings will also be viewed.