The Separator


John 9:39

Then Jesus said, I came into this world for judgment [as a Separator, in order that there may be separation between those who believe on Me and those who reject Me], to make the sightless see and to make those who see become blind. (Amplified Bible)

Once again a reason I love the Amplified Bible. In the verse above we find Jesus speaking to the blind man who had just been cast out of the synagogue after being questioned by the Pharisees about how he had been healed. Jesus had asked him if he believed in the Son of Man. The man said, “Who is He? Tell me, that I might believe in and adhere to Him.” (vs 36) Jesus then states that it is He that is talking to the man right now, and he fell at Jesus feet and began to worship Him.

So many speak of the judgment that is coming upon the world, but in truth, the judgment Jesus spoke about so long ago has been with us since He walked this earth. The majority of people who hear the word judgment think of some kind of calamity or punishment that people or countries go through.

However what Jesus was speaking about here is something very different. He came as a “Separator.” Jesus was saying that the message He brought to the earth, would be what separated some men from others. Those who heard His word as that of the Son of God would respond to it favourably. Those who rejected His message and chose to live on in their own belief systems would be set apart from God. In this way, the Word of God has always been divisive.

In Ezekiel 34:17 God says He would judge between “sheep and sheep” and “goats and goats” meaning that there were those of His people that were truly His, while other of His people were stubborn and held to their own opinions rather than submitting to the wisdom of God.

Today we see evidence of this constantly in the church. For example some of “God’s men” say that homosexuality is fine where there’s “real” love, disregarding clear scriptural evidence otherwise. They’ve separated themselves from God’s will. Many major denominations disregard God’s eternal covenant with Israel, even speaking against Israel. They’ve immediately separated themselves from God’s will. Many ministers have been preaching that there’s no such place as hell. They’ve immediately separated themselves from the will of God.

Jesus made things very simple when He said, “Only believe.” We do our best sadly to complicate things with human reasoning to the point that we no longer use Christ’s message as the TRUTH that we must measure all “opinions” from. You’ll remember that Jesus is called the “chief cornerstone.” (Ps 118:22; Eph 2:20) All who lived at that time understood immediately what that meant.

The chief cornerstone was the very first stone that was laid in construction of any building. More intense and acute effort was put into the carving of this stone than of any other. They wanted it perfect. Why? Because every measurement, north, south, east, or west, was taken from that stone, so a building would have maximum stability and would not be shaken and fall. Walls built with wrong angles would eventually produce stress and strain that could cause collapse.

The same is so very true today, when ministers allow a “little leaven” into their preaching. Slowly but surely corruption away from solid truth begins to eat away until only confusion reigns.

You’ll say, “No human being is perfect! Surely that means that all ministers probably have some error in their messages!” I absolutely agree with that. BUT, the good news is that God looks at our hearts. If a man CONTINUES in God’s word, He WILL ultimately discover the TRUTH! He’ll begin to see more clearly. Where he finds error in what he once felt was truth, he’ll be quick to acknowledge it, and be unashamed to share with his people that he’s done so. Sadly, many are afraid to ever admit that they’ve held wrong ideas, and when that happens, their stubbornness creates hardness of heart until they become “past feeling” in certain areas, and what develops is SEPARATION from THE message that Jesus Christ brought. If this continues uncorrected lack of confidence and weakness enters in, where there isn’t conviction in what one teaches, or even worse arrogance sets in where they can begin to think they’re the only ones that are right. In God’s eyes, very simply put this is nothing other than PRIDE, and we all know that pride goes before a fall.

Our God is not a harsh taskmaster. He’s a loving Father. I love so much the old familiar verse Micah 6:8, “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, and to love kindness and mercy, and to HUMBLE yourself and walk humbly with your God.” 

Walking with Jesus means to humble yourself and your ideas about how life should be lived, and see Him as wiser than you are, and wilfully submitting yourself to how He says we should live! That’s all. Scripture tells us that the Lord also “judges” the thoughts and desires of our heart. If you love Jesus this is a daily occurrence that you welcome into your life! He begins to separate the chaff from the wheat in your thinking. You find yourself finally grasping what is meant by being “led of the Spirit.” It’s a wonderful thing!

Again, the world is being swallowed alive with humanism and all manner of ungodliness. When you watch the news and see the riots, the looting, the absolute lawlessness of people, you realise for sure that we really are in a “last days” chapter of life on planet earth. Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, “And the love of the great body of people will grow cold because of the multiplied lawlessness and iniquity.” 

Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2:7, “For the mystery of lawlessness (that hidden principle of rebellion against constituted authority) is already at work in the world, [but it is] restrained only until he who restrains is taken out of the way.” 

Lawlessness is the key word here. It’s all around us. People want to live without ANY restraints. Their attitude is, “How dare anyone tell us how we should live! After all we’re free people, and we can choose to live anyway we want to!” They’re absolutely correct. God’s given us the authority to make our own decisions, but He longs for us that we would make decisions based upon His message to us, and not upon how we may feel at the moment.

Jesus came to speak to all mankind and give them a measurement to live from, an ideal to adhere to, a truth to walk in that would bring wisdom, joy, love and freedom. I don’t think there’s any clearer picture of this, than that which is found in Deuteronomy 30:19,

“I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.” 

Jesus came as The Separator! He came to show us the difference between life and death, wisdom and foolishness, love and darkness. But, it IS our choice! God Almighty says, “I’ve called heaven and earth” to witness that He’s set before us choices. One leads to life for us AND our descendants. The other leads only to despair and darkness.

Listen to the message that Jesus brought to us all. Heed the message. Submit freely and willingly to His wisdom. Make your way straight before Him. Every action is a choice. Choose LIFE!

May you truly be separated, unto Him that has called you to Himself!

Rod Anderson