You Are My Everything (CD)


Product Code: JLB-CD1

11 tracks all recorded live in London.

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Product Code: JLB-CD1

Recorded Live in London.

We love to worship. It’s in our DNA, God loves it and when we throw ourselves at His feet in adoration of who He is – He is blessed beyond our earthly comprehension. Our aim was to simply worship the King and let the recordings capture what happened. There was no hype, no planned responses, no re-takes on the night, in fact if anything we were oblivious to the fact that it was being recorded; we just worshipped the greatest name of all: Jesus. This album has spontaneous raw moments, tender quiet moments and the most precious of all – direct connection to heaven moments. We pray that wherever you listen to this album – all of what happened that night will impact your life the way God impacted ours and those who came to worship with us.