Prayer Guides

Praying from the heart, even for a second, sending a request to our Heavenly Father, brings tremendous dynamic results according to James 5:16. Praying what God wants for our lives is what I call ‘transforming prayer’ or ‘praying strategically’. It will always be birthed by God from deep within your heart.

Yet the state of our hearts can change radically in a moment, from faith to fear. Something unexpectedly confronts us maybe that brings new circumstances for us to deal with, that may even achieve a devastating blow to us. In a moment we are in fear and confusion, without focus, with no faith. This new challenge we face may and indeed can, change the way we think, feel, or see life, and cause us to ask the questions. What should we do? Where do we run to? To whom do we turn to for wisdom and counsel?

For me the answer to these questions has been God and His Word for many years now. God has counselled me through His Word hundreds of times, and always His wisdom has come, and liberally. God’s Word has given me tremendous peace, direction and solutions have always come to answer difficulties that I have faced, even under the greatest of pressures.


This section has been put together with the idea of equipping you for a more effective prayer life.


  • Church – Week 1

      5:13 pm

    Church is to be an expression of the government of heaven. Where this Kingdom government is found, there will also be confused people finding peace, ill people finding health, the solitary finding community and friendship, and correction coming from kindness.
    However, somehow many have been more converted to church than Christ, and have d […]

  • Relationships – Week 2

      5:11 pm

    Relationships can obviously determine your future. Good friendship isn’t based upon good personality, but good character. Wrong relationships will always pollute good people, if good people aren’t also strong people. You have to ask yourself the question; who carries the greater influence, them or me.
    Proverbs 27:19 in The Living Bibl […]

  • Relationships – Week 1

      5:10 pm

    Think about it. It can be argued that all creation took place because God wanted relationship. He made mankind. It must be pretty high up on His list then…
    Whatever area of life – marriage, family, work or church, our enemy chips away at relationships. Why? Simple. Where there is quality in relationship, there is quality in commun […]