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Unlike purely academic training which measures head knowledge alone, WLI recognizes the impartation of revelation unique to the students’ life and experience as well as “head knowledge.” The measuring of the impact of the anointing and revelation is best done by the student. Therefore grades are not given for courses or training experiences.

Field research, apprenticeship, mentoring, and ministry experience are deemed to be as valuable as library research or classroom attendance. Self evaluation papers designed to discipline the student in relating what has been learned to the student’s own ministry are required throughout the various programs. These papers become a part of the student’s permanent file.



Self Evaluation Paper Submission

Training Units (TU) are earned once either a course is taken or Home Study is undertaken and a Self-Evaluation Paper (SEP) is submitted to WLI UK. SEP’s are due no later than 90 days after completion of the course/conference/Home Study.

There is no guideline for content other than that it should be a reflection on the impartation received during the course. It should not be a report on the information presented, but rather how that information relates to the student’s own ministry. Students are expected to take their courses seriously and not to procrastinate in their studies as consistency and continuity is vital in receiving what the Holy Spirit wants to impart.

A SEP should be around 250 words long for each TU. One TU is assigned for each four hours in class or per book of approx. 180-250 pages. For Home Study or other conferences/learning attended not hosted by WLI UK, the TU Fee is £10 per TU.

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