Wagner Leadership Institute is an international network of apostolic training centres established to equip the saints for Kingdom ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). Our training places the highest priority on impartation and activation, mentoring and leadership development. Our goal is to equip and send the saints into the seven mountains that influence culture (religion, family, education, media, arts & entertainment, government and business) in order to establish the Kingdom of God and transform nations.

WLI Core Values
The Day of the Saints – WLI believes in the ministry of the saints, meaning every believer is called to do the work of God’s Kingdom, whether in the church, workplace or other individual spheres of influence. There is no dividing line between the pulpit and pew – we are one in the Body of Christ.

Impartation & Activation – WLI training equips students with knowledge, revelation, and anointing to go forth in power. This impartation comes from God and flows through our seasoned faculty (mothers and fathers in the Kingdom), who minister to students out of their ascension gifts. As impartation occurs, we are dedicated to activating and releasing students in the flow of God’s anointing.

Maturity – Our goal is for all students to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, as demonstrated by the degree to which we express His character, power and love. We acknowledge that spiritual maturity and becoming more like Christ is a process. We seek to grow in a deeper, more intimate walk with the Lord, knowing we are perfected, transformed and matured in His presence.

Spirit of Excellence – Our desire is to glorify God in all we do by serving the Body of Christ with a Spirit of Kingdom excellence as we advance God’s Kingdom here on earth.

History and Model
Founded in 1998, WLI reflects a new paradigm and a unique approach to training for practical ministry. Students learn in a creative, revelatory atmosphere of teaching, impartation and activation. In 2008,  WLI expanded its vision to include mentoring, team establishment and leadership development. Our mentoring programme provides students an opportunity for hands-on practical ministry experience and team training. Opportunities are provided for mature students to operate on prayer and ministry teams nationally and internationally. Leadership development courses assist students in developing their teaching and team leadership skills.

WLI has developed an apostolic training centre model which is replicated through WLI International and Regional Centres around the world. This apostolic educational network provides opportunities for peer-level networking, training and sharing resources between apostolic leaders. WLI International and Regional Centres develop their own distant focus and give birth to their own network of leaders who look to them as their apostolic council. Our goal is a mature and expand these leaders to increase in their sphere of influence to transform their region.

In 2010, WLI International was turned over by Peter Wagner to the leadership of Ché Ahn from Pasadena, California while Dr Wagner remains as Chancellor Emeritus. Because of the thousands of pastors and churches that relate to Ché Ahn, WLI will continue to grow in the nations.

United Kingdom
Rod & Julie Anderson were appointed the UK Chancellors in 2007. We offered our first courses from February 2008. Rod & Julie are the founders of Prayer for the Nations, and The Prayer Foundation and pastors of Commonwealth Church in London, which WLI UK is a training ministry of. They are convinced that WLI is a fantastic method of training people in the local Church. Mature Christian workers who have longed to obtain a Bible College Diploma, but who have not been able to because of family and job commitments, now have a flexible way of being trained in a wide variety of concentrations that will not hinder their local church involvement.

All of one’s years of Christian service, personal study, and courses taken in the local church can be applied toward an advanced diploma. Everyone is given credits for past training and experience. It is also well suited to provide continuing education for those who have had the opportunity to attend Bible College, but want to continue their study and training in practical Christian Leadership.


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