Word & Spirit


A Wagner Leadership Institute UK course recording with Rod & Julie Anderson and Gerald Powell.

Originally Recorded: June 2014

What’s Inside: 8 MP3s + Course Study Notes

WLI Students: This course is worth 3TU, or 6TU with the recommended reading detailed in the notes. An additional TU fee is payable for those students who did not attend the live class. Cluster: Church


This product is a set of eight MP3 downloads and the student notes from a powerful weekend of intense Leadership Training with Rod & Julie Anderson and Gerald Powell on the Word and the Spirit.

Julie says: “When I became born again I attended a ‘Word’ church on Sundays and learned what God’s word says about overcoming. I was part of a mid week church group closer to where we lived, and they had more understanding of fellowship, community, and focused on the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t long before I learned of the necessity of having revelation of both – I needed both the Word and the Spirit. We must have understanding of God’s Word, it’s His covenant to us, but we also must know God’s Holy Spirit.”

“Balance in the kingdom is not living in some lukewarm place between boredom and passion. It is not a little bit of Bible-based theology mingled with a little bit of Holy Spirit. Balance is desiring “all of the Word” and “all of the Spirit,” as the Word of God and the Spirit of God work together, not independently of each other.” (Larry Sparks, Charisma News)

Smith Wigglesworth prophisied that: “When the Word and Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed the world, has ever seen.” Join us for these teaching days to be equipped for your part in this!

Rod & Julie Anderson are both passionate about prayer and teaching others the Kingdom Keys that they have discovered, relied upon and can bear witness to in their ministry which spans over 25 years together. Their life’s mission is to help people grow and they want to help you! They are the Chancellors of Wagner Leadership Institute UK, Pastors of Commonwealth Church in London and Founders of The Prayer Foundation. You are sure to learn from their wealth of experience!