Prayer 101


by Rod Anderson
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What’s Inside:
4 Teaching CDs
1 Resource DVD which includes:
Video Introduction, Leaders & Course Notes

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This material is designed for study over a four-week period. It consists of four CDs each with a thirty-minute message, and notes for leaders and members of small-groups.
Prayer 101 is intentionally foundational. Regardless of what area of life we consider – having a fulfilling prayer life depends on us comprehending the Father’s heart and His desire to commune with us. Every other faith or religion in the world, if honestly looked at, depicts man trying to reach out to God; only Christianity depicts God reaching out to man in His love and desire towards us. As you watch the DVD video introduction, listen to the CDs and follow along with your notes, you’ll begin to discover just how much the Father needs you, as much as you need Him.

Purchasing this set only entitles you to print or photocopy the notes, not the audio CD’s, for your small-group members. If you or your church is interested in running the course over a number of small-groups, please contact our offices for multiple-purchasing of sets at a discounted price.