Faith Towards God (MP3)


by Rod Anderson
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8 MP3s + Course Study Notes

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There is much controversy over the teaching of “Faith” due to extremes some have taken, however the truth remains that “the just shall live by faith.” Rom 1:17 Scripture tells us categorically that “without faith it is impossible to please God” Heb 11:6 therefore not having an understanding of how to function in faith is to live presumptuously before God. Jesus Christ was indeed a faith teacher, and told His disciples very clearly that they were to operate in the “faith of God.”

We will look at what it means to take God at His word. An overview of the integrity of God’s word, as it pertains to our mandate to “live by faith.” The God kind of faith as enjoined to the believer today. The difference between soulish faith and faith born of the Spirit. What faith “isn’t;” i.e. faith, foolishness, or presumption. Students will discover critical patterns of how Jesus is able to respond to those He loves, and how He has to know what they beleive, before He can move in their behalf.