D-Day For The Media Gate (MP3)


by Julie Anderson, Cindy Jacobs and Obii Pax Harry
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These teachings were recorded live at one of our D-Days in London where we gathered to worship and pray for the music of heaven to be heard as the new sound out of England.

In this new season, the power of knowing our spiritual authority and identity in Christ is crucial and as we look into the future and receive prophetic directions, we will be clothed in new strengths in the spiritual whirlwinds coming through the open doors of this year to pray effectively.

Listen to our incredible team of ministers, including Cindy Jacobs and Obii Pax Harry, as they help us gain access to revelation to set our course in prayer for the days to come. We are now moving into a time filled with long locked up provision being released so prepare your hearts to be open to receive fullness of all that is destined for you.