Close Fellowship (MP3)


by Rod Anderson
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“Like any other topic in scripture, faith truly only begins where the will of God is known.  So many believers have not taken the time to ponder how much of the early churches life was ‘in the Spirit.’  Throughout the book of Acts we read scripture that speaks of being ‘pressed in the spirit, prompted by the spirit, led by the spirit, constrained by the spirit,’ and on it goes.

Until we with determination release our faith for the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives, from having seen what He desires to do for each and every one of us, we will only experience a bare minimum of what He is able to do for us, and wanting to do for us.  Through this series of teachings your understanding of how dependent we are upon the Holy Spirit in this age, and particularly should be at this moment in time, your faith will be enriched and strenghtened.  Jesus said the Father would send His Holy Spirit to be in CLOSE fellowship with us.  Extreme intimacy is what the Holy Spirit wants to have with us.  Let’s learn how to cooperate with Him, and watch what He will do for us, in us, and through us.”