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November Prayer Thoughts:

I give thanks for my life and every individual in it. (Eph 5:20) I taste the fruits of Your life, and I treasure Your Word within me. (John 14:21) You taste Yourself within me and feast upon what You find of Yourself in me. I hold nothing back from You God, and fill the air around me with songs as I run to meet You in the higher places of fellowship YOU God have planned for me (Eph 3;20). I dream of You in the darkness of the night, and Your melodies awaken me. My heart stays awake for You, and Your Word- You knock at the door of my heart; You alone are my friend, and the eagle within me and You take me deeper, and lift me higher. Throughout any darkness in my hour of need, You lead me forward. I surrender my all, to the fragrance of Your suffering love. I arise and search until I find You. I care continually for You - no one else attracts me as You do, and uniting me as one with others, in your unconditional Love! (Song of Solomon).

In His love & ours, Rod & Julie.

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